Friday, January 19, 2007

Letter to the Economist on "Poland, a cradle of anti-semitism"

Below the letter I sent to the Economist. It is hard to imagine how ignorant these guys are. One would think that such an eminent weekly would not throw heavy accusations so lightly. I was wrong. It's a shame. They should apologize.

Dear Economist:In your article “Diaspora blues” (January 13, 2007) you claim that Poland was the cradle of anti-semitism. This is not true. Until its partition among the neighboring powers (1773-1795), for a number of preceding centuries the Kingdom of Poland was one of the very few safe havens for Jews in Europe [for evidence, check out Norman Davies' "Europe. A History", p. 842] . While it is true that after regaining independence in 1918 anti-semitism was on the rise, it would be hard to argue that Poland was a cradle of this particular kind of racism.Marcin PiatkowskiWashington, DCUSA

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