Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A remarkable speech by the Polish MFA Radek Sikorski in Berlin

Radek Sikorski's speech in Berlin is a bombshell - I have hardly read anything more powerful ever before coming from a Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs or a Polish policy maker. This is a true tour de force, which is likely to earn its place in the Polish and European history.

I agree with Sikorski's whole message, except on taxes, which I believe--like in most other areas--should also be harmonized within the EU.


Piotr Bakker said...

Fully agree. This is the kind of leadership I have dreamt to see in Poland for a long time. This is the kind of the leadership our forefathers would be proud to see. I am proud to witness it. I hope we keep this course.

Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska said...

Prof. Norman Davies: “Speech of Sikorski signals a shift in political patterns in Europe”

Interview with prof. Norman Davies, who just published ‘Vanished Kingdoms: A History of the Half-Forgotten Europe’ , by Malgorzata Bos-Karczewska, editor-in-chief of Polonia.nl
read http://www.polonia.nl/?p=6815