Monday, March 7, 2011

Panel on the future of the euro in Bratislava

Last Wednesday I spoke on a panel on "EURO: SHIFTING FROM SURVIVAL TO REVIVAL? "during a Globsec2011 conference in Bratislava. I was joined on the panel by H. E. IVAN MIKLOŠ - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic, AMB. IVAN KORČOK - Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the European Union, Brussels and SIMON TILFORD - Chief Economist, Centre for European Reform, London.

On the whole, it was quite an interesting panel, with a refreshing divergence of views, mainly thanks to Minister Miklos, who likes to be somewhat extreme in his perspective (including his support for Slovakia's recent decision to give a short shrif to European solidarity and not participate in the Greek bail-out).

I have prepared some notes on the euro (like the fact that the global crisis was a blessing for the euro zone and if we didn't have the crisis we would have to invent it) and hope to be able to publish it soon.

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