Thursday, March 24, 2011

World Bank report on "Fueling Growth and Competitiveness in Poland"

I have co-authored a new World Bank report on "Europe 2020 Poland: Fueling Growth and Competitiveness in Poland through Employment, Skills, and Innovation" launched last Monday.

The main message is this:

“Poland weathered the recent crisis very well, but there is uncertainty about whether it will be able to return to high growth rates, which exceeded 5 percent a year before the crisis, or, for that matter, to develop at a similar speed as a number of other high-achieving upper-middle-income countries such as Chile, the Republic of Korea, or Malaysia,” said Marcin Piątkowski, World Bank Senior Economist and one of the authors of the report. “Poland has already undertaken important reforms in many areas, but it needs to go further to sustain its impressive pre-crisis growth rates and meet the new targets on which Poland still lags behind.”

The press release and the report are here

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